• Kerry Warnholtz

The Important Things

Me looking out over the ocean. Photo by Philomena Warnholtz
The appearance of things changes according to the emotions; and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves. ” - Kahlil Gibran

Twelve months ago I made a life changing decision. Today I wanted to share some of my images of a special place where I made the decision to change the course of my life, so I could live a more authentic one. A life spent living simply and appreciating the important things.

This place is a little known location on the coast of Northern NSW. Away from the madding crowds, it's a magical wonderland of coastal banksias and native Australian vegetation.

Inhabited by a vast array of land and sea creatures, there is much for the eye to see with it's pristine beaches, varied and interesting rock formations along its' coastline, and the beautiful valley escarpment behind and all around you - you are literally surrounded by national parks.

Best of all, there is little mobile phone or internet reception here. It's a place where devices are left at home, and children and adults are left to their own devices. A modern dilemma. And yet, a perfect opportunity to utilise the imagination and create real connection...with self, with others, with nature. A reawakening of the soul.

From the headland, toward the horizon you can often see whales breaching, or blowing water from their spout, as well as pods of dolphins surfing the waves on a clear day.

And if you're really lucky (which I was), you may spot the elusive coastal emu as you drive through bushlands and canefields and head towards the coast.

This special place is 'Brooms Head'.

'Red Rock' at sunrise, in the distance through the haze of sea spray.

View from the headland, looking south toward Sandon River

A man fishes at sunset looking toward the Clarence Valley and the Brooms Head Bowls, at the mouth of Cakora Lagoon.

As much as I like to keep this place a secret, I just can't help but rave about its' untouched beauty. So if you ever do get the chance, drop by and spend some time. You never know, its' magic may keep luring you back, as it has done to me.


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